Picture Stories

Orkin lived in three New York City apartments during her lifetime: Horatio Street, W. 88th Street, and on Central Park West, and all of these locations appear throughout her work. She first photographed the children in her West Village neighborhood, and later found the vantage point from her 2nd floor window on W. 88th Street interesting. However, it was the view from her Central Park West apartment that she would shoot for the next 30 years. These panoramic photographs of the changing seasons and the skyline became the subject for two books “A World Through My Window” (1978) and “More Pictures From My Window.” (1983) Orkin used to say that she chose the apartment, because the view was the closest thing to the orange groves and mountains of her childhood in Southern California.

West 88th Street - 1950's

Penn Station

Dog Show

Looking At Art


Beauty Shop