Jane Jacobs photo by Ruth Orkin included in new book

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Jane Jacobs and Ned Jacobs, NYC, 1961

Ruth Orkin’s photograph of Jane Jacobs included in new book “Vital Little Plans The Short Works of Jane Jacobs” by Samuel Zipp and Nathan Storring.

Vital Little Plans brings together for the first time a career-spanning selection of essays, articles, speeches and interviews by the great urban thinker Jane Jacobs.
The writings range from her earliest reporting on New York’s streets in the 1930s to selections from her two unfinished books in the 2000s. Some pieces shed new light on her ideas about cities, economics and ethics that make up her well-known books, like The Death and Life of Great American Cities and The Economy of CitiesOthers explore topics rarely addressed directly in her major works, from skyscrapers to feminism to universal health care to gentrification. Most importantly, Vital Little Plans reveals Jacobs as she herself wished to be understood: as a writer who tried to observe human life as closely as she could.
The book includes introductions and annotations that provide historical and biographical context, and connect the dots within Jacobs’ ecology of ideas.
To be published by Random House, October 11, 2016.



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